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Contemporary Technique

Rosalind’s class utilises the breath to let go of muscular tension and re-tune: calming the nervous system and listening to gravity’s pull to find the path of least resistance. In either lying, sitting or standing, I encourage participants to  become aware of tension and encourage connections and channels to open up by facilitating each individual’s capacity for freedom and articulation in the joints. 

From here we begin to strengthen, activating core muscle groups yet simultaneously engaging the ability of the muscles to respond with greatest efficiency and effortlessness. At this point the class becomes more dynamic through weight bearing exercises which travel into space. 

Longer phrases of movement and choreographic material where the language is defined by an awareness of gravity’s pull, skeletal alignment, joint articulation and democracy of body parts in multiple directions follows. The cardiovascular and muscular systems are activated as well as more space in mind and body. 

Photo by Amy Sinead, Occupying Eden, Dancebase 2022