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Unter Anderem

Unter Anderem – ‘Amongst Others’
A Moving Body/Moving Image Production by CCC (choreographic cinema collective)
Mini documentary HD, color, 18:22
Co-Directed/Produced/Edited by: Rosalind Masson & Florence Freitag Camera: Florence Freitag, Camille Jemelen
Sound-Mastering: Johannes Plank
In order of appearance: Côme Calmelet, Maria Giulia Serantoni, Rosalind Masson, Colas Lucot Renate Graziadei, Arthur Stäldi, David Hernandez, Keith A. Thompson.
© 2018

What is the importance of movement?
In 2013 Laborgras initiated a long term research project ‘The Renaissance of…’ that set out to investigate the location and importance of movement within contemporary choreographic and performance practice. Conducted over the last five years, the research was pursued through workshops led by Rebecca Hilton, Keith A. Thompson and David Hernandez and were attended by artists, dancers, choreographers, thinkers and the public. In turn the research influenced the development of four works by Laborgras: Retour (2014); Ambulo Ergo Sum (2015); Silent Confrontation (2016) and Movement Episodes (2017).