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Following a series of choreographic residencies in Edinburgh, Berlin and New York, Jack Webb and Rosalind Masson were joined by sound artist and composer Jan Hendrickse from London and DroneShaman James T. McKay of The Cosmic Dead to perform Quartet.

This unique collaboration was a meeting of minds and practices born from a serendipitous encounter. The work was conceived and mentored by Daniel Squire, performer, teacher, curator and former dancer with Merce Cunningham Dance Company. For Masson and Webb the scenario imposed is that of making distinct solo work for oneself and each other.

Idiosyncratic energy meets fluid and dynamic form, a man and woman explore different faces of the same coin. The resulting qualities reflect upon one another and the viewer, resonating to the audience through sound and movement. A dialogue is created by the artists through interaction, struggle, confluence and transformation.

“There are no truths but only interpretations” Nietzsche

Quartet @GlasgowTramway last night. @IAMJACKWEBBcompelling, original, visceral, brilliant.

8:07 AM – 17 Nov 2013

A piece with a cyclical structure, Quartet shows obvious influences of Cunningham technique, enriched by serpentine and every day movements. -By Katja Vaghi, 22 December 2013

Rosalind Masson’s past work has explored theoretical concepts and eco-issues – sometimes with sly humour, but always with a lovely curve in the body-lines, a creamy elegance and focus that is a pleasure to watch. Jack Webb, her companion artist in Quartet, is a vortex of restless, edgy activity. Even when he is still, you sense the questioning and angst coursing through limbs that seem bonelessly flexible. That these two are intending to collaborate makes this ongoing project crackle with tasty potential..Mary Brennan

Quartet was funded by Creative Scotland and is a Tramway co-production, supported by Glasgow Life, Wire Media, The Work Room (Glasgow), Dance Base (Edinburgh), and LaborGras (Berlin).