Garden as Contradictory Utopian Space/Research Project

In 2019, I went to see ‘Garten der Irdischen Freuden’ at Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin. The exhibition titled after Hieronymus Bosch’s 1500’s masterpiece invited me to research further into my own problems/questions about environmental criticism and art. I have been researching the effects of the Anthropocene upon the environment since 2010, and this exhibition dealt with the Anthropocene in relation to the space of garden alongside other topics such as seed politics, legacies of colonialism and historical segregation. In this exhibition, the garden was viewed as a place of duality and contradiction: between harmony and chaos, exclusion and inclusion, utopia and dystopia.

In April 2020, I will be taking part in a Tanzpakt Research Residency at the Botanical Gardens in Dresden supported by Hellerau, Europäisches 
Zentrum der Künste with collaborator and artist Florence Freitag. Please watch this space…