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‘’MORPH, ’’ Is the title for a performance project led by Rosalind Masson and Moss Benyon Juckes. A sympoetic social choreography through participation in a set of instructions or ’score’. This compositional structure invites participants to engage in respectful and playful ways through individual embodiment of movement and voice, mimicry and dramaturgical self editing within a group compositional context. During the ‘’MORPH’’ score, participants are encouraged to delve into and communicate with the more than human aspects of themselves in communication with their fellow performers and the audience. The vehicle for this exploration is through body and voice. The parameter of the MORPH score holds the space for deep exploration of the physical and performative aspects of self as a holobiont – a community of microorganisms within one body, amongst other bodies subject to an ever shifting paradigm of poly species evolution within a collective environment.


Moss and Rosalind lead physical training in tandem with MORPH performance project for all ages/levels and abilities. Our training technique allows participants to explore a myriad of interrelations with our mind and bodies, one other, the environment and cosmos. Each class will draw from accumulated experimental somatic and vocal methods such as time based practices, mapping the body, Qi gong, Extended Vocal Technique, Release Technique, consent games, fitness cardio, Contact plays, performance personas. We will explore different body states as we become aware of multiple levels: the cellular, muscular, skeletal and nervous systems.

Photos by Gleb Kalinin