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MØDE – Rosalind Masson and Martin Nørgaard Gregersen

I’m an eye. A mechanical eye. I, the machine, show you a world the way only I can see it…I approach and pull away from objects. I creep under them. I move alongside a running horse’s mouth…This is I, the machine, manoeuvering in the chaotic movements, recording one movement after another in the most complex combinations… Thus I explain in a new way the world unknown to you.

– Dziga Vertov (Soviet pioneer documentary film-maker, 2 January 1896 – 12 February 1954)

In our work, we endeavour to express the moment in totality through the mediums of sound and movement. Past, present and future come together through embodied data. This process depends upon listening to all of the complex interactions taking place energetically at any given moment and to respond or choose not to respond to that stimuli. MØDE depends upon you, the onlooker, to coordinate these complex points bringing together through your lens of perception, the essence of the moment which we offer. Only with the third eye(s) can the inter-related elements become purely an event. When a witness or witnesses are present, we can offer a version of now. An expression that harnesses our combined presences. This process is unfolding and can never be replicated. 

MØDE began their practice in the disused space of Leuba Mill in Oberlausitz, Saxony in 2017. Following practices, performances and discussions based upon their experience in the worlds of computer programming, permaculture, music and contemporary art, revealed a way or ‘MØDE’ through which to address the dystopian remnants of post -unified Germany through infusing space with contemporary, improvised sound and movement. They are based in the Oberlausitz region.