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Contact Improvisation (CI)

Rosalind has been practicing Contact Improvisation for over 20 years in the UK, Germany and the USA. Her teaching is based upon the fundamentals of the practice. These fundamentals include: weight sharing, efficient use of gravity to get into and out of the floor, awareness of the kinesphere, the anatomy of the body, the use of least muscular effort for maximum effect and cultivating a sense of listening and awareness through touch. In her class she encourages participants to observe their habitual movement patterns and explore new movement possibilities. Attention is given to aspects of contact such as going upside down and into and out of the floor. These movement studies are practiced both individually and together with a partner/partners to apply into the context of a jam. Miniature jam situations are offered and give participants the chance to observe and reflect upon their own dancing and that of their colleagues. With this shared knowledge the students can then apply their skills into jamming.

Rosalind is available to teach workshops for all ages (8+) and abilities. Please get in contact at for bookings.