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The beginning and the end are points in space; the journey, space and the time existing between them, becomes the canvas. A person begins a journey.  They trace maps they have travelled through their body and in time. Met by  another, she reflects this world as it unfolds. Paths cross and exist simultaneously. Unravelling, and then inhabiting a nomadic existence; finding consequence between what is and what is not.

 In ‘Between’ the narrative aspect is reduced increasing the focus on the body, sound and space. This is created by very subtle changes within the movement content, expression and textural sound. The choreography was created from images of people in urban landscapes as well as responses to sonic environments that are reflected in the music. The intention is for the performers to become  vehicles through which the audience can experience their physicality and become sensitised to what can exist in between. A journey involving long and short pathways, where going towards and away from has more value than the final destination.

‘when Masson spoke through her physically intelligent performers, we connected to her whispers’ – Marianne Tuckman 20/2/15

‘The encounters that Rosalind Masson initiates in her duet, Between, have echoes of paths crossing unintentionally and yet – as in the transference of movement motifs – making their mark on the passing strangers.Masson and Maria Giulia Serantoni bring a nicely individual dynamic to Masson’s vocabulary of curving stretches, dips and pliant arm movements. Even without direct contact, you sense connections.’ – >Mary Brennan , Dance critic, The Herald 5 Jun 2016


photos by Brian Hartley