Working in dance I am seeking a consciousness that extends into our actions and is reflected artistically in working methodologies. I work primarily with my body because it is a sustainable material and is a starting point for most questions about how we co-exist.  I use gravity and internal connectivity to create movement and address my research questions. Ecological concerns are an implicit part of my work. Dance for me is a rejection of consumerism and a conduit for  profound connectivity with others and with  shared space. Dance can gather people together around a non-verbal, universal language that allows us to face ourselves and one another.

As a choreographer, I create a movement language that is specific to whatever subject I am researching. Other media is integrated within the composition although bodily movement remains the primary medium of articulation.  The immediacy and impermanence of movement provokes a sense of nowness and interconnectivity to which I am dedicated. I go into choreographic or improvised material with the  possibility  to play and react. Risk is ever-present by having an openness to the creative situation. In all of my work I attempt to share sensitivities which cannot be expressed in any other way than through movement.

Rosalind is a dance artist with over twelve years working professionally. She has worked in the U.K, the U.S. and Germany as a freelancer. Her roles span creating and producing her own work, performing in the work of well known choreographers and artists and developing infrastructure for contemporary dance by collaborating with organisations and individuals.

e-mail address: rosalindmasson@gmail.com

Rosalind English CV 2018:19